Friday, 29 March 2013


This week we feature our first guest publication. The latest comes from our friends and esteemed colleagues from the SAHEL PRESS REVIEWS 

SPRs provides revealing insights and perspectives from the Sahel and West African through Press Reviews of local News, Press, and Media Agencies. With recent events in Mali and elsewhere, the Sahel is recieving its deserved attention from the international community, albiet for tragic reasons.

A large portion of the information provided by international news agencies often lacks detailed context, and tend to be a rerun of French news agencies.

Seasoned political analysts wishing to have their ears closer to the ground should use more localized information as it is richer in both context and detail.

By regrouping insightful local sources and translating these into English, our friends at the Sahel Press Reviews facilitate access to pertinent information for locals wishing to learn more about their region and provide an insider's perspective for those outside.

We thank you SPRs for helping the voice of local news echo beyond the Sahel.

As always, share enjoy without moderation, and share the Cous Cous

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